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1.	Device and plant
As a pioneer of distillation equipment, we have manufactured a lot of systems. In addition, our company has built many plants in a variety of fields taking advantage of accumulated experiences.
2.	Chemical Equipment
Because of our track record over many years, our technologies and manufacturing knowhow have been adopted by a lot of users and we are confident that what we can offer will be useful for our customers.
3.	Environmental Equipment
Chemical technologies have achieved remarkable development along with the progress of civilization; however, on the other hand, they have produced a wide range of pollution problems. Every year, there are increasing efforts to deal with pollution so that we will not pass on the negative legacy for future generations.
4.	Process air heater
Since we started manufacturing heat-medium boilers in 1960, we have continuously improved the products and gained trust from many customers and achieved good results.
5.	Cryogenic liquefied gas evaporator
In order to store and transport cryogenic liquefied gas, vacuum insulation tanks, tankers, and portable cryogenic containers are required. We have been manufacturing cryogenic equipment such as vacuum insulation tanks and containers since 1960 and have received numerous orders; we have an established reputation for excellent technologies. We first manufactured portable cryogenic containers (Super 45G) in Japan and the total number of the products reached 100,000 in March 2008.