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Distillation equipment

Distillation operation has a long history and it started as beverage alcohol industry (some say that it started around 14th century). Distillation plays an important role in refining, separation and recovery processes in the manufacturing process of synthetic organic chemistry industry such as petrochemistry.

Since its foundation in 1938, as a manufacturer specializing in chemical machinery, our company has been dedicated to research and development of distillation technologies. In particular, we have delivered a large number of alcohol distillation systems we developed. Our sophisticated products have been adopted by brewers nationwide and remain highly evaluated by all our customers.


Alcohol distillation Alcohol distillation system
Shochu distillation equipment Detailed explanation about distillation equipment for beverage alcohol such as shochu
Refining and distillation Refining and separation of synthetic substances
Effluent treatment distillation COD reduction equipment for the purpose of pollution control
High-purity distillation system High-purity (residual ion concentration: 0.01 to 1.0 ppb) distillation system
Solvent recovery (refining) equipment Solvent recovery (refining) equipment
NK Pack Structured packing (structured packing made in China): low price and high performance