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We merge some of our technologies, including catalytic deodorizing technology, stripping technology, absorption technology, and wastewater treatment technology, to offer a solution for nitrogen control in any wastewater and exhaust gas.

Tightened nitrogen control in wastewater

We offer various solutions for nitrogen control in wastewater. We developed a system by merging a high-performance, field-proven stripping tower and catalytic deodorizing technology that uses an ammonia treatment catalyst, and offer and implement a method of treatment using this system and a method for recovering ammonia water that combines the use of a stripping tower and an absorption tower shown in the figure below.

<<System features>>

  • Can be flexibly designed in accordance with purposes
  • Can be used to treat ammonia gas and wastewater with a wide range of concentrations
  • Has a wide range of capacities to respond to variations in load

Delivery records

We have delivered high-performance products for use in various fields as follows:

Chemical industry:
ammonia recovery system with 500 kg/hr and 25 m3/hr
Industrial drug:
ammonia stripping system with 15 to 25 m3/hr
Brewing industry:
ammonia recovery system with 100 m3/hr

The system can be used in a variety of fields such as the dye and pigment manufacturing industries, food industries, cleaning of semiconductors and electronic devices, and treating wastewater and sludge as well as the industries mentioned above.

Waste ammonia treatment system

Waste ammonia treatment system

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