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OS FilteringOur OS filter (continuous vacuum rotating filter) is a cylindrical single-chamber type filter made after improving the multi-chamber type Oliver filter, and was developed with the aim of commercializing a simpler model at lower cost in comparison with the Young filter, in which the cylinder is divided into many sections.
It is a continuous vacuum rotating filter that reduces pressure while rotating a single-chamber filtration drum at low speed and filtrate the substance on the external surface of the drum.

●General type
This type filtrates on the external surface of the drum, and scrapes any attached cake off with a scraper.
●Precoat type
Filtration commences after a filter aid layer is provided. The precoat layer is continuously scraped little by little with a special auto scraper attached to the surface of the aid, and the cake remains attached to a clean filtration surface. This type is suitable for filtration of difficult to filter materials, and has the same structure as the general type except for the addition of the scraper.


  • Pressure loss is smaller than that of the multi-chamber type Oliver filter, therefore, capacity per unit area is larger.
  • No automatic switching valve, such as an automatic valve, is required.
  • As a simple fixing method is used, no unevenness or slack in the filter fabric. And hence the filter fabric has a longer life.


StructureRotating horizontal cylindrical single-chamber drum A in the bowl B which contains raw solution. The solution and air are sucked together by the aspiration tube C, leading filtrate to the collection tube D. Filtered cake is attached on the drum. Leaving 5~3mm of layer, the cake is scraped off with the scraper E.


OS filter has been adopted in a wide range of fields including food, paper, metal smelting, drugs, wastewater treatment, and general chemical engineering, and is very popular with customers.