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We have been designing distillation systems, absorption systems and reaction systems over many years. Pollution control systems we can provide are produced adopting these techniques. Speaking of pollution control systems, there are numerous types and we offer the systems according to the following classification. Also other than the items listed below, should you have any problems in relation to pollution, please consult with us. We can flexibly handle your problems.

1. Wastewater treatment

  • 1. Wastewater containing organic solvent: removes or recovers organic substances contained in wastewater using distillation and evaporation to reduce the BOD and COD load in wastewater.
  • Wastewater distillation system
  • 2. Wastewater containing salts: recovers salts contained in wastewater as concentrated or powdered salts
  • 3. Wastewater containing sludgeAfter removing larger dusts by screen (sieve bend), filtrates it with the OS precoat filter
    Refer to the OS filter page on our website
    Some wastewater such as starch wastewater is treated by hydrocyclone to concentrate solids.
  • Hydrocyclone

2. Waste solvent treatment

  • Recovering cleaning solvent. Refer to the exhaust gas treatment equipment page on our website.

3.Exhaust gas deodorizing equipment

  • Exhaust gas is treated by a directly-heated deodorizing furnace (combustor) and in the case of exhaust gas from dry furnace, waste heat is recovered by heat exchange between combustion gas and dry air.
  • Catalytic deodorizing furnace
  • Catalytic combustion method
  • Catalytic deodorizing equipment

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