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Design and Fabrication of various equipment

We fabricate and deliver equipment designed based on user requirements specification such as mixing tanks, tanks, towers, heat exchangers, filter, etc. The equipment fabricated in Vietnam will be delivered through our local manufacturing partners.

The fabrication, is carried out under the supervision (regarding quality, delivery time) of our Japanese staff, this enables us to protect product quality, ensuring the same level of quality as if manufactured in Japan. We manage design fabrication supervision, product quality and fabrication schedule, delivering on time the equipment with Japanese Quality. In addition, we guarantee quality of product and supply after-sales services.

  • Chemical Equipment
  • Environmental Equipment
  • Burning Equipment
  • Cryogenic Liquefied Gas Equipment

As a top maker in cryogenic liquefied gas equipment industry (LGC, CE) in Japan, we started to supply in Vietnam market.

At present, we produce CE products in Vietnam and supply LGC imported from Japan to our customers. Please consider using our high-end cryogenic liquefied gas equipment. Regarding LGC product, we have stock sample in Vietnam. If you need any support, please feel free to contact us.

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